Air - Cruises

2023 · 24 SEASON

Classic Antarctica

8 Days / 7 Nights
Itinerary Type: Air-Cruise
Departure City
Punta Arenas, Chile
Optional Extras

Ship Options

Ocean Nova
From 13,495 USD pp based on DBL Cabin
Ocean Nova
From 14,595 USD pp based on DBL Cabin

For complete Air-Cruise pricing details review our brochure

For complete Air-Cruise pricing details review our brochure



There’s still a side of the Earth that remains virtually untouched. An entire continent of windswept expanses, snow-shrouded peaks, and haunting emptiness stretching to the far horizon. A place where ice takes on hues of turquoise and iridescent blue so surreal, you feel you’ve entered a dream world. Where even as you reach for words to describe your sense of awe, you realize none will ever capture the experience of being here.


A land that holds 90 % of Earth’s ice, Antarctica stuns visitors with its awe-inspiring beauty. See peaceful bays dotted with colossal icebergs; cruise along deep fjords and see massive glaciers; be amazed by sharp snowy peaks that jut out of the sea.


Feel the spray of seawater on your cheeks as you cruise in a Zodiac boat to shore. Follow in the footsteps of early explorers as you hike on Antarctic soil. Join our optional Sea Kayaking and Hiking & Snowshoeing programs.


Penguins, whales, seals, and seabirds congregate in Antarctica and South Georgia during the austral summer. Present in large numbers, you can move along in their world and find endless inspiration for photographs.


Setting foot on the seventh continent is a privilege and an honor. You will bring home unforgettable tales, and your journey will arouse the curiosity and admiration of your friends and family.



We pioneered a new way to travel to Antarctica and what we believe is a better way – providing quick, intimate access to the White Continent.
Before Antarctica21, travelers who wanted to reach the Antarctic Peninsula had only one option: a 2-day sail across the notoriously rough seas of the Drake Passage. However, since 2003, our boutique wilderness adventures have offered a more comfortable alternative.
Fly The Drake
Our two-hour flight takes you from Punta Arenas, the Chilean gateway to Patagonia, directly to Antarctica, where you then board your expedition ship. No stormy crossing. No seasickness. Just quick, total immersion in your Antarctic adventure.
Explore Antarctica
Our small expedition vessels are more like private yachts, offering direct access to areas along the Antarctic shore that larger ships simply can’t reach. Since we have fewer guests, you get on and off faster, so your time ashore is focused where it should be: savoring every moment of a travel experience unlike any other



As a niche specialist, we dedicate 100 percent of our time and resources to creating your Antarctic adventure.

Air-Cruise Experts

We pioneered the air-cruise to Antarctica. That remains our focus. As specialists, we understand intimately how to coordinate air and sea operations in the changeable Antarctic environment. We have completed over 200 fly and cruise departures, more than any other company, and we bring that experience to your journey

Antarctica is our Neighbor

Our company was founded in Punta Arenas, Chile, the gateway for the first Antarctic explorers. As a local company in this remote region, we have built a solid infrastructure and an extensive network of key relationships to support your expedition.

Explorers House: A Warm Welcome

Located only a few blocks from your hotel, Antarctica21’s new Explorers House is your exclusive base in Punta Arenas. Feeling like a private club, it is a purpose-built open space where you can prepare for your expedition by attending briefings, practicing your Zodiac-boarding skills, shopping for expedition gear, and more.

Flight Advantages

Unlike some companies, Antarctica21 uses a single flight to carry all guests on an expedition to and from the White Continent. We also have priority over the flight window, allowing us to choose the optimal flight time based on conditions. For you, this means efficient operations and a reduced chance of weather-related delays.

Boutique Ships

Our small expedition ships welcome a maximum of 73 guests. That means disembarking and embarking in Antarctica is faster and smoother. You spend more time exploring, not waiting for your turn.

Private Antarctic Vehicle

Our rugged, go-anywhere polar transporter, custom-designed and built for Antarctica21, supports your trip’s operations at King George Island. Its traction system can adapt to the changeable conditions of the Antarctic terrain.

High Staff-to-Guest Ratio

On every journey, our Antarctica21 team includes at least 12 expert polar guides and their number one priority is ensuring you have an unforgettable experience. Our team knows the region’s unique geography, natural history, wildlife, ecology and loves sharing their expertise with you.